Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shaken World

When people come to visit us, we usually end up in the family room with the glass doors open. Through the glass doors, you see my tiny neighbor lady doing needlepoint in her back room. Sitting in 'her' chair, curtains wide open, always. Oh, she really isn't too tiny, it is just that she is so far away and I think it sounds cute.

Friends joke about what she is doing or why her light looks like a lighthouse beacon. Our first couple weeks here I was a little uncomfortable about it. I could see so clearly into her house, that for sure she could see me lounging on the sofa doing nothing but watch television (that is all pre-blog).

Not so much anymore. In fact, what I usually say to our friends is that seeing Kay do her needlework from 7:30 to about 10:00 pm every single night of the week, means that things are okay in this world.

But, things aren't quite right in this world. Our country is at war. Our people are divided. Our economy is empty. And Kay isn't in her chair. Doing her needlepoint.

It has been several days that I have noticed. She was outside cleaning up the yard and inspecting my yard (maybe someday I'll share those stories), so I know she is okay. But, I don't like that change.

Shake up my country, throw 37% of my 401K away for the past three months, let India make a 4x6 foot car called the Nano by a company called Tata...but put Kay back in her chair.

With her light.

And her needlepoint.

Right where she belongs.


Congratulations Judy and Dave on your wedding today. I am sure it was beautiful. Wish we could have shared your joy today. Best Wishes for a lifetime of happiness.


Beth said...

Anything I put here is going to sound dumb so...

nicely put

Leen said...

Keep us posted on Kay and her chair

this made me smile "me lounging on the sofa doing nothing but watch television (that is all pre-blog)"

mimi said...

isn't it funny how the little "constants" in our lives are the things that really matter and make us feel like things are ok.
i don't like when those change...makes me feel out of sorts.