Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fuzzy Funk


I am just feeling better today, after a week of common cold, which then turned into a sinus infection.

I knew I didn't feel well and when Friday came, I had officially checked out. The pain was immense and I could barely stand up. Did a couple rows on a new purse (it's gonna be my biggest one yet!) but that was about it. The Halloween costumes are still occupying 80% of the dining room table and all the little fuzz balls have drifted to the floor and look like tiny bugs.

But, now that I am out of the fuzz, I realized life passed me by. My favorite blogs were updated, there were milestones I missed, and a general feeling of 'oh crap, I missed that'. And I think that is why I got really sick. I just needed to stop. I can't do everything (I'm still going to try).

So, as little O says above, one more day and I'll be back to my less fuzzy self and hopefully much more interesting and funny posts.

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