Monday, October 20, 2008

Mixing Paint

We bought red.
We bought lime green.
We bought turquoise.

All beautiful.
All vibrant.

Until they are mixed together.

Why can't I just let boys be boys and not get upset with the mucky gray brown purple slop that adorns every "craft project". I actually yelled at them yesterday. It drives me nuts.

I am going to challenge myself to allow them to be free, and walk away if I need to.

Well, even though I walked away yesterday, it technically made it worse. You see a two year old painting with red paint may, by chance, get a tad bit of red paint on his arms and a smidgen on his wrist and a touch on his fingers and that said 2yr old may want his Binky that perhaps is on the brown suede couch.

Red paint. On my brown couch.

I only wish he would have mixed all the colors, at least then, it would have matched.


Leelinau said...


thats not fun.

Artisan Beaded & Wire Wrapped Jewelry said...

I can SO relate. We painted at my house this weekend. Vibrant, Bright, browns and grays.

Love water color paints. And by the way, can someone tell the watercolor paint manufacturers to put more paint in each little section? I mean they know how fast a 3 1/2 year old makes it to the bottom of the tray? Do they have any idea how many half empty water color palettes I have at my house? With half full brown and gray water colors? :-)

kzoriginals said...

boys can't always please their mommies. he was only trying to listen and not mix the paint.

But do I sure know what you mean. I have a hard time coloring/painting/drawing with my daughter. I just want it to be perfect. Why do we have to be that way?

You will learn in daughter is 6 and it is so hard for me to watch her write. Those darn 3's and E's they look so much alike when you are that age!!!!

Kelly said...

Oh no! Bad news on the couch.

As for painting projects at our house. We break out all the beautiful colors and the little girlie only uses the pink... every time... all over the whole project.