Tuesday, September 21, 2010


There were twelve varieties of turkeys at this farm. Twelve...who knew?

I like the chocolate colored ones the best.

And then it got interesting.

See the sign? Thanksgiving Turkeys.

Yes, the question came up.

"Do they kill these?"

Here is how the conversation went with Sam, my 7 year old:

Sam: "So, uh, do they, uh, just shoot them with a BB gun and put them in the oven?"

Me: "Well, no."

Sam: (wheels turning in the brain)

Me: "You can't shoot with a BB gun because then there would be bullets in the turkey that you are trying to eat."

Sam: (wheels turning faster, clearly looking for an honest answer)

Me: "Well, the farmer takes a BIG cleaver, a really sharp thick knife, and CHOPS the neck of the turkey. Then they pluck all the feathers from the bird and clean out the organs and put them in a little bag, stuff them back in the turkey and then sell it to customers. Then we buy the turkey from the farmer and we stuff it with bread and onions and celery and other yummy things, shove it in the oven for many hours, then eat!"

And because I'm the mom and I know my son...

Sam: "Oh, cool"

and went back jumping off the haystacks.

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