Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm Tom Ta-may-da

When I was living in downtown Buffalo with my friends Maria and Michelle, there was a commercial on and the only thing I remember is Maria saying, "I'm TOM Ta-may-ta" just like the little boy in the commercial.  I wish I knew the commercial.

Anyway, my tomatoes.  This has been my best crop ever.  I have tons of tomatoes.

Unfortunately, they are still very green.  It is September 23rd and I have all green tomatoes.  A good haul for the day, yields approximately three grape tomatoes.

My son actually posed for a picture!
Sometimes I get caught up in what is wrong with the world, people, events and forget the good things.  I'm upset I have nothing red in the average sized tomatoes.  I can dwell on something for much too long.  I need to learn to breathe.

I need to step back and watch what happens and let it be.  Often times I'll look to my husband for conversation and he turns it around to side with my opposing thought.  I get upset and say, "You never agree with me".  And it is rare when he does agree with me. Lately, since I brought it up recently, he makes it known that "See Carrie, I AGREE with you."  Funny, Tom.

And after I've stewed (no pun intended) and thought about my views versus Tom's, I realize that sometimes he is right.  Sometimes, it's good to play the other side of the fence and look at things from a different dugout.

So, cheers to my Tom Tamayda...thanks for making me think on the other side.

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