Friday, September 10, 2010

Faith Before the Playground

Sometimes, I put my kids through a little more than they can handle.

And sometimes, I succumb to their protests.

This time, Faith came first.

Faith United Church's garage sale, to be exact.

This bowl was so interesting. It is very lightweight and has a bit of a copper feel to it, but no markings or stamps to really know what or where it came from.

I just found it so pretty, that I added it to my growing pile of doilies. I am now an official sucker for doilies.

My sewing machine really needs to get many doilies, not so much space.

This was the first bowl I picked up (after the doilies, of course) and loved it from the minute I saw it.

The pewter bowl has a removable divider, which I have never seen before. What a fantastic idea. It is such a hearty bowl.

Don't worry, the boys made it out just fine. Little Man picked out a bag of three action figures, one of which has removable arms and legs that creates quite a belly laugh from that little guy. Big Boy, oh, my BB. BB chose a bag of wooden rings. That's my collector.

I'll have more to show you including a super swanky bag and a silver plate coffee or tea pot.

Faith was fun.

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