Friday, September 17, 2010


Last Fall I was working on my weaver bird embroidery blanquilt. I truly enjoyed that process and it comes to mind quite often for me.

The simplicity of thread and a needle creating such beautiful stitches has a connection for me. My great grandmother, Lillian (nickname Ghee), was an amazing stitcher. She hooked rugs from old coats, and was always working on some sampler or embroidery project. Two of which I proudly own.

I often see a pattern and think, I could do that. Just copy it and figure it out on my own. I had been looking at this pattern for over a year now, just waiting for a baby girl to come into my circle of friends. The time has come. I supported the designer and received the pattern. So glad I did.

I hope this little girl sees the simplicity and beauty in every stitch that I pull through for her.

Knowing her parents, I'm certain this Princess won't be bothered by a little Pea.

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