Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bursting with Freebie Score

I have recently become a very lucky gal.

Luck comes in waves for me. In order to ride this wave through the winter, I will attempt to drive past and not stop at any more garage sales this season.

Surely, I'll be disappointed when I don't find another deal like this.


It is a Lane cedar chest. Check out the legs on that thing. Sturdy, well made, delightful.

Yes, it needs a good wipe down and disinfectant. Someday, I'll have it professionally refinished and I'm sure it will astound me at it's beauty.

But for now, I'm going to appreciate all the nicks and scratches and crackling stain.

I'm trying to find out more about this specific chest. The Style No. is 48910. I've sent an email to Lane to see if they would assist me.

Looking through eBay, Craigslist, Lane History, Etsy, all led me to believe that it's early. Lane began in 1912. There aren't any pictures of the earliest chests, the photos begin around 1934, with the most thorough photos at the 1951 mark.

Even if it is from 1984 (which I don't believe) I love it.

I will love it for it's imperfections.

I'll also love it for it's previous owners for being too lazy to clean it out after some vermin visited it.

Thanks for the FREE chest, folks!

Yes, free. They were throwing it out because the woman didn't want to clean it out. She then gave me paper towels and wet wipes and the 'mess' was gone.

Like I said, I'm on a lucky streak.


p.s. Sam: Thanks for not fighting me for it!


Jeans and a Sweatshirt- said...

Ya know what? When I first saw had your name all over it. I wouldn't have had a chance! Enjoy!

Angie Himes said...

Did you every find out anything from Lane on the approx age of the chest??

I have one that has the same logo under the lid and I can't find any info on step is to call Lane and send them some pictures :)

Thanks for any info :)

Carrie Guzzino said...

Angie: I got this info directly from Lane, "This chest was made in the late 1920's, between 1926 to 1929

Amber said...

Found while doing some Lane research -

Carrie Guzzino said...

Interesting that this one you link had green accents. Mine definitely is not green. Great find!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I bought one just like yours for $25 at an estate sale. It has a serial number on the bottom and the last two digits are 27 which means made in that year. I have always been told not to refinish cedar chests because it makes the value lesson.

Dan P. said...

I have the exact same chest. Serial number 040827 (April 8th 1927). I wanted to learn how to refinish furniture when I was 16, so that was my first attempt. That was back in 1980. (probably not the best idea)