Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall is Falling

I have recently begun working at my couch. My office chair is so uncomfortable at times, that I find myself getting up much to often and appearing in the kitchen.

It must be a magnetic draw to that kitchen and FOOD.

Yesterday, with my new birthday gift of a laptop cooling station, moved myself to the couch. Many would think this would create a much less productive day.

To the contrary.

I am so comfortable in this space that I don't want to get up, therefore, working longer and more consistently.

The other wonderful aspect of this situation is that I can watch the leaves begin to change and fall from our tree lined street. This year, the trees looked quite healthy and almost fully regenerated from the destruction of the October Surprise Storm we had several years ago. Trees amaze me. The damage they endured from that storm, only to come back in their beauty a few years after.

I look forward to the colors of the season

And my cold toes

and chilly nose.

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