Monday, September 6, 2010

In Print

Have you tried Picaboo? Well, they are the fastest, most professional printer I've found in quite some time.

A fellow blogger suggested Picaboo and guided me to a free book that expired August 31st. I put this book together in record time, which was easy without text. I see that for September, they are having 40% of all books with 40 pages or more. Let me tell you, 40 pages can fill up fast!

In my book: all my favorite photos from 2010 thus far.

It's so validating to see my pictures printed and bound, large and professional.

How is my photo styling? The photo book and the photo lens? Nice right?

That's my coffee mug!

My mom was so smart to order it for me as a birthday gift (she really did spoil me this year, really (thanks, Mom)).

It's small, but packs a super geek punch.

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