Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rocky Rocky Rocky!

I wanted to show you what's been on my mind lately (aside from the predictions I received last week Friday).


You could even say I've been obsessed with them.

Their shape, texture, color.

We (I) are finally getting to the finish line of the pond.

Who am I will never be finished. I'll change it every year, I'm sure.

We (I) are finally getting the dirt covered for the pond.

I need some more plants to fill in some cracks, openings. I also need some more rocks.

I have become obsessed with rocks. I even looked at the rocks at the pet store today. The ones for the fish tanks. Yeah, at $1.99 per POUND at the pet store, I even considered one.

When I brought home my last batch from the garden center, I also got a green rock, well two. At 40 cents per pound above what all the other rocks cost, it was a splurge.

I used to splurge on jewelry, or expensive shoes, or name brand cereal.

Now, I splurge on rocks.

Obsessed, I tell you, obsessed.

1 comment:

Jill said...

We're in the market for a good rock, too. Eventually lots of rocks, but right now, I just need one good one.