Wednesday, October 31, 2012

305/366: Pumpkin Smell

I had the honor of cleaning out three pumpkins this evening.

My boys won't touch the stuff.  Yes, BOYS think it's gross.
 The pumpkins we had were very thick skinned.  I felt like I had to really dig in there to get the knife to move.
They drew the faces on paper and we mimicked that on the pumpkin.  I tried to have them cut with a safety knife, but it was just too hard.  I struggled with it.

I just learned that my nephew in NJ won't get to trick or treat tomorrow night.  What a bummer.  No electricity and now no candy!  I'm sure my brother and sister in law will make it up to him, as will the town.

Tomorrow the boys have their Halloween parties at school and I need to do one more costume adjustment for Little Man.  Having them home during the week truly throws off my game.

Prayers for those in the dark, those not under their own roof, and those struggling with the loss of loved ones.

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