Tuesday, October 23, 2012

297/366: Face Off

Appropriate for the season...I've been watching Face Off on demand through the SyFy Channel.

It's really cool.  I think I'd be good at it.  I've already looked up armor techniques, foam sculpture and resin molds since watching this show.

The premise is, a bunch of aspiring make up, theatrical types trying to be the best.  Each week, they have a challenge.

One of my favorite challenges was the Pirate Challenge.  They were given an individual term to focus their pirate upon.  This face was incredible:

He was Crab, the shell was his head.  When the actor puffed out his cheeks, it seemed as if this Crab was breathing.  Very cool.

Although this next picture doesn't do the makeup justice, it won first place.  The black spikes are sea urchin coming out of her body.

Very cool.  Here is a video of the actors morphing into their new creature.  This episode was disproportionate creatures.

Additional Morph videos can be found here.

Off to see what Phoenix offers in theatrical makeup...

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