Saturday, October 6, 2012

280/366: Goodbye Gold Shiny Thing

When we first bought our, wait, when we first walked through our potential house, I knew this fixture had to come down.

It was the first thing I planned on doing.

Eight years ago.


But priorities change.

A dishwasher was definitely more important than a chandelier.

A new baby and the bills that come with the bundle of joy were clearly ahead of the chandelier.

Until it broke.

A couple weeks ago it didn't turn on.  Ah, finally, the demise of this gold thing.  The only time I enjoyed it was at Christmas time when it was draped with garland and red ribbons.

We ordered this one and Tom installed it.

It is so much more of our style.

And I'll still dress it in garland for Christmastime.

Oh, the best part?

The first one wasn't really broken, but we didn't realize it until after this one went up.

Etsy?  Ebay?  Craigslist?  Who wants a beautiful, glittery, gold, flowered, crystal chandelier?  I bet it's on the top of the wishlist for all my readers! 


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