Monday, October 15, 2012

289/366: Orange Thumb

As many of you, the garden was a challenge this summer.

But, you know what was the easy?  Anything that grew underground.  The dark soil protected the plant from the extreme heat and the location to the hose was critical.  Both these items were close to the pond and hose, therefore they stayed wet most of the time.

It was a great surprise the other day when I plucked those carrots from the earth.  Yes, real small sized normal looking carrots!  Granted, not long, but they weren't like their counterparts from the raised bed that looked more like a toothpick than a carrot.

And the potatoes...although it sometimes felt that I got as many potatoes that I planted, it was a good exercise in potato farming.  I will definitely replant the potatoes.  These carrots were born from seed, too!

Very exciting end to a horrible crop of nothing this summer.  I definitely didn't have a green thumb this summer.  Better luck next year.

Spoken like a true Buffalonian.  Next year.

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