Thursday, October 25, 2012

299/366: May I Present...

...Sonic the Hedgehog and Sea Monster!
Way back in June when we started talking about Halloween costumes, they were all related to video games and characters.
I like a costume that has never been seen in mainstream media.  I like ideas and imagination.
As we got closer to the time in which this momma needed to start gathering ideas (that takes about a month of messing around in my head), Little Man had decided on a Sea Monster.
I loved that.  Imaginative.  His own, imaginative idea.  He drew me the picture and I made it work.  I love his pants, by the way.  They are Scaly Skinny jeans.  So cute.  My little Mick Jagger.
Although I had some issues with his headgear and how to keep it standing straight, I got it.  A mix of sewing, stapling and the hottest glue gun in the world, made it all work.
By the time I had purchased enough green scaly fabric to make both boys a Sea Monster (per request of Big Boy), the Big Boy had changed his mind.  Again.
And he wanted to be Sonic.  Yes, this guy:
Look at that headgear!  This is when I turned to Face Off for some help.  That only made it worse.  I wondered if I could make a clay mold to make a rubber prosthetic for the head...I know, my mind goes places my body, Square Footage and pocketbook can't.
In working with the Sea Monster, I used Craft Foam, those thin sheets of pliable foam in many colors.  Did you know that if you heat that with a heat gun, stove burner, hot hair dryer, you can then mold it into a shape that will retain that shape?  Very cool.  I used this method for the cuffs for Sea Monster and was happy with the results.
I tried this same method for the shoes for Sonic...not so good.  I ended up sewing the shoes in felt and they worked out just fine.  I may add a little fiber fill to keep them round at the top...or maybe not.  wink.
Back to the headgear.  I made a quick skull cap shaped hat out of blue knit.  And formed the spikes out of craft foam and hot glue, then shaping them with a heat gun. 

I love how it turned out.  I think both boys had great costumes and good ideas (even if I don't agree with them).  I guess that's how life goes, right?  A mom can choose her child's costume for the first three years, then it's up to us to persuade them to something for the next couple years.  Once they reach seven or eight, it's all them (as it should be).
Since we like friendly competition, and we are reigning champs from last year, Little Man pulled off another win for The Guzz Team!
If you see Little Man, don't ask him about the "prize". 
"All I got was this lame pencil!"
Do Sea Monsters even know how to write?

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