Wednesday, October 17, 2012

291/366: Food For Life

Last night, the boys were getting a pizza. 

The place they like does not have gluten free pizza.  So, either, we pick up at two separate pizza shops, or they get the pizza they don't really like.

I decided to fore go the pizza and make myself a burrito.  Yes...a BURRITO! 

Gluten Free options for a tortilla are basically corn.  I've seen some others, but they were small, like a taco, not a burrito.

Then I found Food For Life Brown Rice Tortilla's in the frozen section at Wegmans.  Every month, I like to try one new 'special' gluten free treat.  The tortilla's sat in my freezer for a while.  Until last night.

I warmed up some leftover rice from a chicken soup I made on Sunday, added black beans, cooked chicken, salsa and a bit of cheese.  I put all the ingredients on the tortilla and microwaved it for 30 seconds or so.

Of course I stuffed them way too much and I couldn't really close it, but I managed.  Parts of the tortilla were a little chewy, parts were a little crunchy, but most of it was perfect.  In a gluten free sense, that is.

It didn't crack or tear apart when I tried to fold it.  It held it's shape once wrapped and had a good flavor to it.  Not metallic like many other gf items.

In fact, I enjoyed it so much, that for lunch today, I made a quesadilla.   I limited my cheese, used more black beans, the skinless chicken, zero calorie cooking spray and zero calorie salsa.  It was awesome.

Thanks Food for Life...I'm almost back to my full gluten eating repertoire!

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