Wednesday, October 10, 2012

284/366: Eye of the Tiger

Yesterday Big Boy was playing Eye of the Tiger on his 'trumbone' (kind of) and today, I thought I'd show you the picture of my new little Tiger.

Little Man is a Little Tiger.

Just as I was looking at this photo here on the blog, I realized that this boy does a full body pose.  Those hands in the pocket are becoming a signature pose.  Love.

He only seems to have his hands in his pocket at picture time.  Other times, they are holding bugs, climbing trees, reading a book, drawing and hanging on to handlebars.

I think this photo on the tree has the time stamp of "Remember when you were a Tiger Cub and you couldn't reach the low branch on our pine tree?"

I'll have to remember this one.  Graduation, Wedding...I'm sure I can find a poignant use for it.

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