Monday, October 1, 2012

275/366: October Days

Steak, Feta and Spicy Pecan Salad
Ah...October, where photos and words are just fine.  I am happy that I tried my best with Pintember.  It is a good feeling that I can put a check mark next to the Pins I've tried. 
This has been a busy month as I figure out how I fit in as a contract employee, instead of a full time employee.  I have said "YES" to a couple school activities that normally I couldn't do with work.  It's been really nice being able to say yes.  But, I just need to slow down accepting offers to help.  I'm realizing the adage 'You will be busier in retirement than you were while working'.

I have been using my calendar on my iPad to organize my life.  It has proven to be extremely helpful.  Our family calendar is only a four week rotating weekly calendar.  It works well for the kids and Tom, but I need something a bit more robust.  It also synchronizes with Facebook birthdays and events.  If you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend it.

Tomorrow we put our new-to-us camper in storage for the winter.  I really wish we could have snuck one more quick camping weekend in, but twice in August was pretty good (at least that's what Tom keeps telling me).  We are already getting close to reserving sites for next summer.

And finally, I feel like a proud Auntie.  One of my Youth Group 'kids' from many many years ago just had twin boys.  Welcome to the world Owen and Porter!

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