Thursday, November 1, 2012

306/366: Calendar

Since most of my life has gone digital, it was time my calendar followed.

I used to use an At-A-Glance datebook for work and would add personal things in there as well.  As my appointments and commitments changed at work, I was using it less and less.  Then we got Outlook and I was using that calendar.  That worked well, but I had to be at my computer to access it.

Then one day, I went into the Calendar on my iPad.  It was pretty cool.  Helpful.  So I started using it.  I would put things on the electronic calendar that was on our dry erase board in the kitchen.  Then I started doing the reverse.  Since I don't need Wi-Fi to access and edit the calendar, the iPad became my new calendar. 

I've been taking it along with my in my purse to meetings, kids' activities, even out with friends.  It is becoming more and more important to me.  Last week, I started color coding things.  Blue for Tom, Green for the boys and family things, Yellow for me.  Pink is US Holidays and Gray is birthdays imported from Facebook...super cool.  Any event can be a full day or specific time frames.  An event can also repeat - monthly, annually, etc.  You can turn off selected calendar types (gray, yellow, etc) to easily see what the kids have on their agenda or what I have to do.  It's really easy and free.

My mom thought I was overly organized with my Christmas Gift Giving Spreadsheet...wait till she sees this!

I'm available for tutoring.

 ***** In other news, National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo) starts today. One post a day for the entire month. Here we go. ******