Tuesday, November 20, 2012

325/366: Schnazzy

I'm blinging it up over here. It still amazes me how a simple bead or set of beads can take a dull, lackluster purse and make it bright and fresh.

I have ten purses complete, plus four more at a local gift shop. I hope to finish these up this weekend and move on to the blanquilts. I know I'm pushing it with the blanquilts versus the time I have remaining. My problem arises when the boys are out playing, or have friends over. I don't like being in the basement at the sewing machine, unless the boys are in the basement with me.

Today, the procrastination ends. I have to get working on the blanquilts. They are going to be beautiful. They've been on my mind for weeks now!

Tonight, tonight I'll start.

Or maybe tomorrow.

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