Tuesday, November 13, 2012

318/366: Hash and Bread

Both these food photos are the same hue, so you get a double dose today.

Last week I made another loaf of my gluten free banana bread.  This time I used cup for cup of Bob's Red Mill Gluten free flour, and added 1/2 cup of Chia Seed.  I usually use Chia flour, but that messes with the flour blend.

One food that I haven't made in a while is pork hash with sauerkraut.  This is a dish that I learned from Tom, my mom would never eat sauerkraut, let alone cook with it.  So I sear the pork tenderloin, then put it in the crock pot with a can/jar of sauerkraut and a dozen chopped potatoes.

That is a good meal on it's own.  But the leftovers are better.  Adding some butter to the pan and salt and pepper, I chop up all the leftovers and put them back in the pan.  Getting some pieces nice and crispy is my favorite part.

It's so delicious.

Making anything good lately?

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