Thursday, November 8, 2012

312/366: Catch Up

I missed another day!  Oops.  This Postaday is tough, but I'm almost there.  I remember the night I decided to do it...Gretchen, why didn't you talk me out of it?

I would have done it anyway.  I love the challenge.

Yesterday, I cleaned the living room.  Today I did the dining room and moved the furniture around in the living room.  I really like it.

It makes me open to other improvements in the house, like our baseboards.  We never painted them when we painted the walls seven or eight years ago.  Sad.  They are still boy's locker room blue with scratches all over.  One task at a time.

What I wanted to look up was this picture I took November 23 of last year.
My strong Christmas Cactus, aka Thanksgiving Cactus, is at it again.  The tiniest of buds are forming on the tips of the leaves. 

I showed the boys, "What?  We have a cactus?  When will it look like a cactus?"

I'll turn their thumbs green eventually.

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