Thursday, November 8, 2012

313/366: Off the Hook

The picture isn't all that great, but you get the idea.

Really happy with this one.  I think I have finally mastered the shrinkage percentage horizontally and vertically (they are different!).

I was hoping to have small ornaments with vintage lace patterns imprinted on them, but they just don't seem like me.  I'm not happy with the quality and so I'm sticking with what I know.  Fabric and yarn.

Setting up the knitting machine for four more bases for bags and maybe do a few more small purses, then on to Blanquilts and Stockings. 

I really enjoy the pressure of getting ready for a show.  I feel exhilarated and feel that I'm using my time wisely.  No falling asleep on the couch...unless it's with a hook in hand (which happened last night at 11:38pm), no sitting around watching tv without a hook in hand.  

This has all reminded me of what I love to do.  Not having to report to a desk every day has made me so happy and fortunate.  I'm loving these past weeks and the next couple to come.

Christmas is coming...I can feel it in the air! 

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