Monday, November 19, 2012

324/366: My Poor Camera

I just went to see what pictures I had taken to show you tonight.

It is blank.

Not one picture.

I even looked through my files.  I've shown you everything.

How about a picture of a pony?

Source: via Sandi on Pinterest

I'll be back on picture duty soon.  I've been spending my days of late putting zippers and snaps and eye glints on my purses for the show.  I have half of what is made completely finished, for that I am grateful.  But there is one problem.

I think I'm allergic to wool.  Ever since I started finishing these bags, which includes trimming, I've been sneezing and stuffy and adding "b" to the end of every word.  How can this be?

The problem seems to arise when I trim the wool.  The fibers float under my nose, past my eyes and in my mouth. 

I recall saying thinking I was allergic to wool a couple years ago when I was doing this very same task.  Trimming more than two purses at a time, kicks my allergies into high alert.

Off to take another allergy pill and power through the remaining six bags...

Where are my tissues?

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