Saturday, November 10, 2012

315/366: A New Place

Last week, after we cleaned the carpets, I decided it was time for a furniture rotation.

The bar that my Dad made from old wooden pallets was displaced by our new 65 gallon fish tank. The bar was used once per year as an actual bar. The other 364 days it was used as a shelf for crap.

So, the crap shelf was out. But out wasn't as easy done as said. It's always been a part of my parents' house, or my brother's house, and now mine. I had planned on giving it back to my parents. My Dad then said he was going to throw it away. No! Then we thought of moving it into the family

As I was cleaning out the dining room to wash the carpets, I pushed and shimmied this monster across my carpet to a short wall in our living room.

Not only did it fit, but it's as if it was always meant to be there.

What I have found out by this small adjustment, is that I've opened up three seats that were highly underutilized, which in turn has created a cozier space for my family where we hang out and have "family time".

It's amazing what moving some furniture can do for the family unit.

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