Wednesday, November 28, 2012

332/366: Gift Card Holders Reworked

This one I like. The others were nice, but a bit cheesy. I like cheese (not when it's warm), but I don't care for cheesy.

The samples were in regular craft felt. These are in wool felt. The colors choices for wool felt are very limited, and I didn't want green. These can be used as a regular ornaments after the gift card is used, or regifted. I am going to switch up the colors and thread, as well.

I found these cute tags so that the recipients name can be written on it. Not sure about the hemp string vs. ribbon. I need to stew on that for a bit.

Good news, I have 99% of the two quilts done. The remaining is removing the pins and clipping stray thread. I still wish I could do one more quilt, it's brewing in my head. I think, however, I'm at a decent point to finish up loose ends on little projects at this point.

Someone tell me not to attempt quilt number three....intervention?

Oh, also, I just found out that a sample of artists' work will be on Winging It! tomorrow. I'd don't think I'll be able to get some samples of my own downtown tonight for the show, but please tune in!

That's quite a bit of electronic time, I must sew...