Wednesday, February 29, 2012

60/366: Crochet A Long Week Two

Week Two of the Bernat Crochet-a-Long is complete!  There is still time to join, as all the clues are posted here.

This was an interesting octagon.  The flower in the center is a bit raised, kind of cool.  A couple folks dropped out because they don't like flowers and some because it was just too hard.  The new clue we got today, looks even more confusing.

Tomorrow, I am starting Micro March.  All month, I'm going to feature macro/micro photography.  My Nikon calls it a Micro lens.  Canon calls it a Macro lens.

Since I am a Nikon girl (now), it's Micro March.

After a slew of emails and a return, I got my Micro lens for Christmas and haven't really had the opportunity to play with it as much as I have wanted. 

Micro March...tomorrow.

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