Wednesday, February 22, 2012

53/366: Mystery Crochet Afghan

February and March are always so dull for me.  In an attempt to pump up the energy, I have joined a Crochet A Long.  I know, many of you will think of me as a nerd that gets more energy from yarn and crochet.

Nerds Unite!

Each Wednesday at 10:30 A.M., a new clue is released for this afghan.  The only thing we knew in the beginning was how much yarn to purchase.  The first week, was to make 12 squares in certain colors.

I believe the best part of this is the community that has grown to nearly 200 men and women (yes, men) on Facebook that chat about the clue, yarn, addiction to knitting and crochet. 
I have one other color in my group that is a dark brown.  I'm hoping this fits nicely into my "eclectic" living room (mish mash is perhaps a better word).

Stay tuned for the weekly reveal of the new squares, hexagon, what ever shape they put forth.

Hook On!

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