Thursday, February 9, 2012

40/366: Yarn Ball

I'm a little bit obsessed with yarn knots. Most people get frustrated when a knot comes out of the skein. Knot me (get it?)

I recently felt the need to pull out an entire sleeve of this baby sweater I am working on. It just felt too big and I wanted to decrease it by one set of stitches. I started pulling it out and although that is liberating, I was left with a pile of very fancy silk bamboo yarn. The first length of yarn, I wound as usual on my thumb and pinky finger with a cross at the palm. I learned this in weaving classes, best for tapestry where you have bits of color at the same time.

Anywho (as my Dad would say), I recently got engrossed in an online discussion of ball winders. I know, riveting. It was to the geek inside of me.

What I learned may have changed my life. Life changers can be small, you know. Don't judge me.

What I learned was the center pull yarn ball, created on ones thumb. No tools. No extra equipment to store. That fancy little thumb.

I watched this You Tube video and tried it with my second length of yarn. Love.

The great part of this is that your ball stays put and doesn't roll all over the living room floor and get caught in wheels of Matchbox cars or get wrapped up with the remote and that dang clip on the back of our portable phone.

Yes, it has changed my life.

Now, of you will excuse me, I have a cupboard of half used skeins of yarn to rewind into cute little balls.

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