Saturday, February 18, 2012

49/366: Yarny Future

Remember this big ball of Alpaca?

I purchased it in 2007.

Wound it into a ball on Feb. 4, 2011.

Yesterday, I started a scarf with it.  It was the yarn I had planned for my black coat back in 2007.

My coat is now navy blue (different coat, not a color shifting coat).

I'm liking it.  I started it on the flight to Chicago yesterday morning, and worked on it on the way home while the girl next to me shifted every 42 seconds.

I perhaps had a few too many at our Anniversary work party...because I somehow turned my corner half the width of my scarf.  The worst part of that, I didn't realize it until I had completed two ADDITIONAL rows. 

Yup.  Drinking and Hooking don't mix.

If I were still drunk, I'd think drinking and hooking do mix.  Just not THAT kind of hooking.  The kind with the yarn and a crochet hook.

Can you hear me better when I type in CAPS?

I fixed the scarf on the flight, shifted myself a dozen times just to mess with my neighbor, then turned the reading light out for a bit of shut eye before landing.

It was a great day, despite my feet having an all out civil war with my shoes.  The feet are still healing and the shoes are laughing their heels off.

I'm punchy tired, can you tell?

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