Tuesday, February 14, 2012

45/366: Super Friend Valentine Tutorial

Happy Valentine's Day!

Little Man and I made these fun valentines for his class this weekend.

So easy!  I must confess, the idea is not mine, I found it here.  She has templates you print and skip the whole tutorial that follows.

In a nutshell...glue dots are your friend.  So is craft foam.  And self adhesive craft foam glitter stars!

What you need:
Foam sheets (we wanted a bunch of colors, so purchased 6 sheets of different colors)
One pack of self adhesive star stickers in foam (foam on foam stick well)
Glue Dots (don't leave the store without them!)
Suckers, lollipops...what ever you call them.

We included a note with a glue dot on the underside of the cape that was handwritten by Little Man and reduced in size and copied multiple times.

I cut out the capes and Little Man decorated with the stickers (the best part of these stickers is that they didn't have the paper backing...less mess to clean up).

The masks are easy, measure a small strip the circumference of your lolli.  Fold in half and take two angled cuts from the side to the end - this makes the part for the nose and above the nose to look like a mask.

Little Man took a sharpie and made little eye dots on the light colored foam.  For the black foam, we cut up one of the stars and used them as eyes.

Then, the magic of glue dots...stick a dot on your lolli and adhere one end of the mask on half the dot, wrap the mask around the lolli and adhere the other end to the other half of the glue dot.

To attach the cape, I was afraid a whole punch would be too big, allowing the cape to fall, I just pushed the stick through the foam.  Slid the cape up to the underneath of the lolli and pulled the wrapper plastic out a bit, to ensure the cape wouldn't fall.

I love these...they were so easy and fun!

Pin it for next year!

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