Saturday, February 11, 2012

42/366: Saturday Inspiration

The other day, Big Boy came home from school in an awful mood. When I talk to this boy, the story is always truncated in the important parts and exaggerated in the parts that seem incredibly inconsequential to me. Something about Little Man tossing BB's backpack on the bus floor and another couple students swiping it as they were leaving the bus. In the grand scheme of things...I mean it's not like you forgot to file your taxes... But for an 8 year old, it was tragic and the worst thing his brother could have done.

So, after slamming shoes and backpack on the floor, up to his room (his own decision) he went. A bit of frustration tears and back downstairs to get on his shoes and coat.

He was running away.

BB is a very sensitive boy that tries to hide it. I was able to keep him in our family and avert child welfare services asking me why I let him leave the house if I were standing right there.

Sometimes you need to call the boys bluff.

So stick this story in your back pocket so that when you think my life is all fattening food and pretty crafts, you will know I am just a regular gal raising a desperate wannabe runaway.

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