Thursday, September 1, 2011

Do SomeTHING: Day 1

I wrote letters.

Thank you letters.  Thank you for gifts.  Thank you for thoughtfulness.  Thank you for love.

But the hardest one to write was the Thank you for life.  A dear friend, whom I haven't talked to in many years, is dying in the hospital.  I wrote all the things I wish I would have said to her while she was healthy.  I guess I didn't realize how much she has affected my life until I learned that she may be gone soon.

We all call her "Momma T" and that is just what she was.  Our Momma.  She took care of us, she made me laugh, she helped me realize how fortunate I was, and she gave my son the greatest expression.  I'll never forget that day.  I brought my son to visit the office.  He was just about a year old.  We went up to the office and since Sam was the first baby in the office, there was a bit of a huddle around him.  He was sitting on the floor and Momma T came up and he just looked at her.  He had never seen anyone with skin as chocolaty as hers.  His already big eyes grew larger and his mouth hung open.  He was mesmerized by Momma.

We all were.

She didn't have it easy, but she always made us feel like life was for living loudly.  You just get out there and do it.  Even if your foot hurts.  Or you walk with a cane.  Or you've been down on your luck. Or the cancer is back.  Or you fought the cancer in one place and now it appears somewhere else.

I know she will fight.  I will fight for her.  I love Momma T.

I'm glad I wrote this letter today.

Even if it is too late.

Do SomeTHING is a month long of creativity, project finishing, exploration, and imagination.  What was your THING for today?  Leave your link in the comments for us all to see.


Lynn at Cottage and Creek said...

Beautiful testimony to your dear friend. I'm sure your letter will mean so much to her and give her joy and peace in the midst of her pain. Did a Shop Local search on etsy and stumbled on your shop which led to your lovely blog. I am "doing someThing" today. I am sewing drapes for my kitchen from old barkcloth drapes I bought at the Salvation Army years ago. It feels good to be tackling a project I have been putting off for months. Happy Wednesday!

Lynn at Cottage and Creek said...

I mean Thursday ... where does the time go :)

Carrie G said...

@Lynn fantastic! Thanks for joining along. I'm already feeling motivated to get some things done around here. I love your blog, thanks for the comment here. I'll be checking in on your THING's

Ericka said...

Thank you so very much Carrie!! This was very beautiful and I'm sure she would have loved it!