Thursday, September 8, 2011

Do SomeTHING: Day 8

Yesterday was a bad day.

I talked and yelled so much, I was totally sick of my own voice.

I have been (trying to) getting the boys ready for school in the morning.  They have been unruly. 

The boys and I had a family meeting after school, when they still weren't behaving appropriately.  It was as if they were being constantly prodded with a poker to make them jump and scream and run.

We decided that we are going with no television on school nights...unless they behave during the day and do the things that are asked of them.

Which got me thinking, as I was drinking my Red Bridge Gluten Free Beer that I serendipitously bought that day on my lunch hour, why must I ask?

Why do I have to ask them to get dressed?  When does the reminding end?  What can I do to make MY life easier.  We have all heard the adage "Happy Mom, Happy Family".  It's time.

So I created this chart that we will start on Monday.  Since my boys love competition and rewards, I'm going to allow them a treat.  Every week that they complete this chart, they will get one dollar.  That dollar, added to their allowance, will get them a fat wallet.

So, aside from helping me, this will hopefully push them toward independence and a little lesson on the value of money and saving.

Now, I'm really hoping to do something creative tonight.  Been a lot of "mothering" this week on Do SomeTHING.

Do SomeTHING is a month long of creativity, project finishing, exploration, and imagination.  What was your THING for today?  Leave your link in the comments for us all to see.

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