Saturday, September 17, 2011

{this moment}

Late...and doubled. I couldn't choose.  

And I'm writing.  

So, it's a little bit this moment, a little bit Do SomeTHING.

Today we drove down to Jamestown to celebrate my Dad's Art Opening at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute.  What a beautiful building.  Arts and Craft styling, with beautiful things to look at, including my Dad's artwork (Dan Meyer), and his buddy Len Rusin.

My mother-in-law joined my little men and I for a day of driving and exploring.  We walked around the campus on a couple trails, saw lots of fungus, and some birds.  We saw more wildlife as we were hanging out in the library.  It was the most relaxing, enjoyable afternoon I've had in a while.

Sam told Papa that he really, really, really would love a pair of powerful binoculars like the ones he used this afternoon.

Perfect person to ask, Sam.  Perfect.

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