Monday, August 18, 2008

The Price of Things


Between groceries and gas (although that is coming down a bit), school clothes and child care, it is nice to get something for free. Many bloggers are putting up free giveaways on their blogs and getting loads and loads of responses. I am considering that, although the last time I had a giveaway, I had to beg for guesses. If I can get a couple more comments of interest, I'll do it. I think I will take it personally that you don't like the 'giveaway' and that is why there aren't any comments. Not true, right?

Back to the Erie County Fair. We went, figuring we would drop a bit of money, but as the last carnival type event for the summer, we wanted to go. Kids are free to get in, these tractors are free, all the animal exhibits are free, the pig races and the monkey races (wish we could have caught that) are free. Let me take one step back, Free for the child, but the adult admission is $9. Some very nice people in the parking area gave us some free tickets - we were totally excited, until they were refused at the gate. Thanks for the embarrassment. I am sure they thought they would work, but the fair has gotten all electronic with scanners and they tell you when the ticket was used. Maybe that is why it is $9 for an adult, to cover the electronics.

I may be rambling, but what I am getting at is the days of free things are gone, but you can find some good deals. We are a family on a strict budget (show me a family that isn't) and managing to find cheap or free things seems to be getting easier. Maybe it is because I am exploring options instead of just going to Chuck E. Cheeses or the movies. Side Note: I am very discouraged by the commercials for CEC where they have children playing outside in a lake or exercising, yet you walk in the door of this monster video game land and I just can't find that lake...

Even though the bounce house and the tractors left much to the imagination, I think the tractors were the best value, even if I would have paid $13.

>> NEW Wristlet to be uploaded to Wash My Cloth at Etsy very soon...maybe even tonight! I love it.

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