Sunday, August 10, 2008

Home Again

Thursday it rained.

Friday it rained.

Saturday it drizzled.

Sunday it rained.

When we arrived home, it was raining.

Aside from the rain and the frustration of the first night being very, very wet, we had a great time. It was nice to see all the cousins together. For the most part everyone got along. I was thinking back on the last time I went camping and it was just Tom and I. This time, every thing was different and I don't think we talked to each other about anything other than the whereabouts of the boys. Maybe one of these days we will get out together and talk...

We went to Chenango Valley State Park, which I highly recommend. We stayed on the park grounds the entire time we were there (need I remind you of the rain?) and the kids were entertained with nature trails, swimming, boating, biking and even a horse drawn wagon ride. Please note that the wagon ride was special, for us. Okay, maybe for the park's 75th anniversary. Pam and Lisa picked the best spots for us, too. So great, that we are making it an annual event at the same place, same sites. I am looking forward to watching how the kids grow from year to year.

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