Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It's pedal power! My boys surprised me with this totally cool cruiser for my birthday. It has huge handle bars, white wall tires and a lovely pink and white basket.

I have had a bike for a while that I haven't ridden because the seat slips off it's fittings and slides me off the back and most recently, the chain had a kink in it. So, since O got a bike seat for his birthday, we needed a bike to put it on! After three days of looking for the directions, Tom finally got the seat put together and on. I put O in...but his legs were draped over my seat. The space between his seat and my seat wasn't big enough for a knee to fit through. I pulled the bike seat away from my seat to squeeze that little leg through. Quite a struggle. He cried, then I put on his helmet. More cries. I did manage to get around the block twice, only cries half the time. We raised my seat to alleviate the knee situation, but he wasn't having any of the bike riding. Maybe we should have gotten the trailer...

Either way, I love my Kulana. Even with O in the seat, I feel fast and free. Sam and I went for a ride around the block. Again, felt really good and fresh.

I tried to look up the meaning of Kulana, to no avail.

I have decided Kulana means...

Mommy Freedom.

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