Sunday, August 17, 2008

Meet Our New Friends

Pretty colorful for trip to the county fair! The fancy gobbler was the Grand Prize Winner. Not sure if that equals a pardon come November, but he looked pretty proud of himself.

We had a lovely time at the fair.

That's a lie.
I was miserable. We paid for a wristband for Little Man and he turned out to be too short for most rides in Kiddieland. Which, he actually liked more than the ride he went on. Wasn't really a ride, but a bounce house maze that he only got through the first room.
Then, our cute family split up. Big Boy and Tom were doing the tall boy stuff and so LM and I found the animals. Then the 'Rudes' were gone. Maybe it was the animals that calmed everyone down.
The 'Rudes' are the people that have no respect for the others around them. Mothers yelling at their kids (loudly and in my ear) to come, come now, even though the gate was closed and they had not been granted the mere ability to get out. One lady was yelling at her kids to hurry up and feed the goats so they could leave, yet had a larger handful in her fist. Just makes me wonder if that is the public display of parenting, then what is the private display.
As I said, the Rudes were gone once we were by the animals. LM loved the animals above, but his favorite were these little bundles of pork sausage. And I mean that in a cute 'Chuy from Chelsea Handler way', not so much in their 'future life way'.
Once I saw those cute bacon bits, I recalled the challenge from a Mimi at Pink Card Nation that asked readers to do something different and pay attention to people and give them a chance and instead of saying..."oh, that's weird" or judging them (the Rudes), think of something positive. It was hard, but I came up with a couple things. I also smiled at a lot of people at the fair, that was interesting.

I think they thought I was weird.

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