Monday, August 25, 2008

Etsy Challenge

Dear Friends,

At noon today, my blanquilt will be entered into a fun little challenge on this new Etsy Challenge Blog. I am told it will be in the needlework section, so please, take a couple minutes and vote for me!

We had a good weekend (well, not really, trying to be positive). I did get a couple purses made, now they just need some jewels to spice them up. I am going to try to sew a zipper into a felted purse. Depending on the results, this could be WeaverGirlGuz's first giveaway. I mean, if it is free, you can handle a little miss-stitching, right? I need to practice somewhere! I found some of my first felting tries from last fall and cut them up, maybe I can use them for some other little things.

Sunday morning, I went to Antique World's Flea Market with my Dad. It was shocking to see how few tables were out. There were threats of rain all day and thunderstorms in the afternoon,(we got out the backyard pool and were splashing in the sun at 2 pm)so maybe that is the main reason. Any way, having a little "non-buyers remorse". There was an adorable tricycle with big air filled wheels that I think the boys would have loved. It was reasonable, but I thought Tom would be mad that there was one other item we needed to store over the winter so that we could get the cars into the garage. I should have got it and stored it at a friends house in the winter. Still thinking about it...maybe it will be there next weekend. I did find a couple old wooden puzzles for the boys and a couple pins/jewels for some purses. Would have been great if there were more tables. I hope this isn't the beginning of the end of antique/flea markets.

Ending this post with words from the boys.

Big Boy's words: "Mom, every time I look at you, you are making another purse. Why don't you just stop and take a break?"

Little Man's words: "Mom, play with your yarn."


Meredith said...

I voted for you!

Lisa G at G Whiz said...

Wow Cool! I voted for you too - a sure winner!!!