Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Big Bag

I have realized that the plane is good for my Etsy Shop - Wash My Cloth. It allows me the time to let my brain relax and think about one thing only. A new bag. This is bigger than all the others I have made, but same concept. Use wool and felt the bag after completed. But, I made a mistake on this one. See that yellow? It is Wool-Ease. Not Wool. Yes, there is wool in it, but not enough for it to shrink. I only realized it until after the thick blue line you see in the pic - a full plane flights worth of work. So, I am keeping it and hoping for a really cool mistake. I believe that the yellow will pucker and give a dimensional feel to an otherwise flat surface. I hope my mind is showing me what the future holds. We shall see. There were some other things I wanted to do with this bag prior to felting, but with the unclear outcome, I may not waste the time.
The colors aren't all that accurate. They really do go nicely together. The salmon looking color you see is really Paprika, and is a shade lighter than the real paprika, the blue is a peacock blue and the yellow is more toward the mustard side.
This will be interesting.

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