Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Emerson Taymor's Great Idea

3 D Business Cards

Brilliant Idea!

Also, a quick thanks to my dear friend Linda for helping me wrap my brain around a project to do for the Buffalo Indie Market as a Workshop. Still in its infancy, my idea (Linda's idea) is to have folks weave their own drink coasters. They will weave four at once and have the option of a couple colors to create solids, stripes, whatever they choose. I will pin their name to the section they weave and secure all the threads at home and ship the coasters to the crafter. Any thoughts? Comments? I am going to use thick cotton yarn so that we have a solid base and it is a quick and thick weave, maybe 10-15 minutes per person. How about a suggestion for the warp color? What would you pay to learn the basics of weaving and create your own coasters?

Thanks for dinner, too, Linda! If you ever want an excellent meal, with gluten free selections on the MAIN menu (you don't even have to look off of a printout that you brought from home), head to Curly's Bar and Grill. Worth every penny.
You may even get a free recipe from a crazy waitress for Beef Stroganoff without mushrooms!

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