Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meet Paprika

She was so fast to crochet and felt, but the beading took a couple hours. I just love it. I think this may be the beginning of my first 'patterned' piece. Against all my better judgement, I may actually write down how many stitches and dimensions and try to replicate the same idea, making it a tad bigger. And...adding a zipper. I want this to be something I would feel confident about tossing it around, as I usually do. Or, my kids do for me.

UPDATE: Paprika moved to Washington DC to a lovely home. Thank you!

Maybe I'll try this with fabric that I have and mix it up a bit...I smell a giveaway (mimi).

I think I need to make a list. I have one purse to finish, two to felt or re-felt, a set of roman shades to make, a baby gift, a blanquilt to embroider, 'my choice' yarny for Sam, and some yarn begging to get onto that loom! Not to mention the show I signed up for. So much, yet so exciting.


Meredith said...

with a to-do list like that you should have told me to "bug off" yesterday with my white clutch with a zipper order.

lisa said...

Wow! that was a quick sale. Congrats and can't wait to see what comes next.