Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Pants

This is a boy that loves the Route 66 pants.

The best part of the pants, is that once they go on, he gets tired. See "Lazy Sunday" post.

We found this fabric a long time ago and I can't even remember, and am too lazy to research, if I had posted a pic of this fabric. Either way, here it is.

Little Man has a matching pair.

And so does, Tom. They all were pretty large, except for LM's. I copied a pair of pants that LM had, since the pattern wasn't made small enough for those little legs.

I think this fabric is officially used up. Who am I kidding, I am sure I saved a scrap somewhere.

When it cools down and normal people where lounge pants, I'll try for a family picture of the boys.

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Jessica Levitt said...

These are adorable. I had not thought to make matching PJs for my husband and I'm so going to. DH would rather die than wear matching outfits regularly, but to bed would be OK.