Thursday, August 21, 2008

Art Time

I may have created a monster. A good monster. This was the scene a couple days ago and since then, I hear 'Where are my dots? Can I have my dots? Wanna do dots, Mom?'

O calls his watercolor tray, Dots. They both did quite well. After four or five painting sessions, we only had one small water spill. I think I like watercolors more than markers. Watercolors wash up, wipe out and clean off much easier than even a washable marker.

We also learned something new. Papa, pay attention, you may not yet know this but, blowing on the brush makes the colors stick to the paper better. See example below.

If you are a Mom of young ones, and think painting is too messy, pick up a pack of Crayola watercolors (or two, we are in the fighting mode now that the tray Sam was using is gone) and let them play. You will get a good 20 minutes, at least, of 'Mom Time'.
But, if you aren't a mom, pick yourself up a tray of watercolors. They really are fun!


Nicole said...

I really like your blog. Great idea for the kids and not messy.
Nice to see someone local to me!

Lisa G at G Whiz said...

Too cute! I wonder if it is too early for Grant to play with paint? He might have a lot of fun with it.

Meredith said...

Happy Birthday Carrie!