Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dancing Hook

Fortunately, I had some time to crochet in front of the campfire. I did, unfortunately, get caught up in photography for a bit and therefore lost a little hook time. I think crochet is mesmerizing. Unlike knitting, at least the way I knit, crochet lets the hook dance, or fly. It really is pretty to watch.

This is another purse to be. I think the only appropriate name for it will be 'The Chenango' - right? I am finishing up the handles tonight and hopefully starting the felting process tonight, as well.

On another dancing note: I was putting on my pajama bottoms when O walked in. He said, "the dancing part". I was a little confused. Then looked down, and saw what he was talking about. My gut. The gut that he helped form. Not sure if it was the polka dotted undies (TMI?) or the general buoyancy of the area. Either way, 'the dancing part' sounds much kinder than what I call that region!

Ladies...cheers to your dancing parts!

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