Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Affirmation Project: Day 7

My Positive:  I do not watch American Idol.  One of the "singers" in the picture above makes me want to hurl.  Perhaps I'm not in keeping with the "Affirmation" part of this project, but it's my project, so deal with it.  I do not watch American Idol and I am better because of that.  After all, I have to get my DVR'd episodes of America's Next Top Model in at some point, right?

My Affirmation:  I'm going to look at my notes from a year ago on book ideas.  I can write a book. 

Or at least a pamphlet.

See, this is light and fun, now you write something in the comments...don't be shy.


Lauri said...

Carrie, I would totally buy a book written by you....DO IT.

Carrie G said...

I'll personalize a copy for you Lauri!