Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Affirmation Project: Day 14

My Positive:  I am an encourager.  I chose this quality because I find myself encouraging and helping others get their art on Etsy.  I encourage people to try to get their art in a show.  I encourage my kids to go to bed on time.  I encourage people to think about the other side of the story.  I encourage friends to try.  Try something new.  Do something you might not feel comfortable with (this Affirmation Project is my "not comfortable").

I haven't always been this way.  Must be my age.  I have changed since I was a kid just out of high school, college.  I didn't encourage myself then and never (at least I don't remember) encouraged others.  Unless of course, it was to have another beer, or stay up later, or get a big basket of french fries for dinner with me.

My Affirmation:  I will do something every day for my WashMyCloth and/or WashMyBooty shops.

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