Monday, May 2, 2011

The Affirmation Project: Day 2

Positive:  I am a funny person.  My parents are funny, I got some of that funny, too.  If I know someone is having a frustrating day or moment, I try my best to lighten the mood in a respectful way.  I think humor is important.  Yesterday, driving with the kids in the car, I donned a clown nose.  It was hysterical to watch people take double takes of my big red nose.  The best part, I'm okay with people laughing at my expense.  I hope I brought a bit of laughter to at least one driver.

Affirmation:  I will keep humor in my life till the day I die.  And after that, I'll visit the living by playing jokes on them~watch out!

I had The Bucket List on the TV yesterday afternoon.  Carter, played by Morgan Freeman, asked Jack Nicholson's character:  Have you experienced Joy in your life?  Have you brought joy to someone else's life?

Have you?

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Anonymous said...

hope you don't mind if I tag along all month. Here we go:

positive: I am a deep feeler. I feel deeply when I see something sad or someone sad. I believe the term is ‘bleeding heart’. When I see someone who I think I can help- I reach out. I buy Artie who hangs out on Elmwood a cup of coffee, I secretly slip hand warmers into the homeless guys' stuff at the library... I try in my own little way to make life better for strangers and friends a like. I give a call to check on friends experiencing difficulty and I care.

Affirmation: I intend to continue feeling deeply and trying in small ways to make small changes and commit random acts of kindness (to speak in bumpertalk). I like my emotionality and I know it makes me who I am-bleeding heart or not. RCH